Dyson Racing’s New Look

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POUGKEEPSIE, NY March 03, 2006 – Status quo is not in the Dyson Dictionary this year. Dyson Racing debuts their two new AER V8 powered Lola B06/10 LMP1 prototypes at the 12 Hours of Sebring on March 18 and for the first time in Dyson Racing’s thirty-year racing history, a completely new look, image and graphic package. Every visual element has been updated: the race cars, transporters, uniforms, souvenirs and pit equipment. From the logo to the work gloves, it is all new.

Designed by noted Formula One designer and long time Dyson collaborator, Peter Boutwood, the goal was a new presentation consistent with Dyson Racing’s history as America’s premier sports car team. “The challenge was to re-design the whole corporate image, brand and liveries of Dyson Racing while retaining the origins of its image, integrity and identity,” recounted Boutwood. “It was necessary that the new image unite in a strong corporate brand befitting a successful race team.

“I was very lucky to be working on this project alongside Peter Dyson, a man of considerable talent in organizational skills and ability to know immediately the viability and integrity of my proposals. He is also an expert in quick and sensible feedback but unfailing in his encouragement to ‘take it to the limit’ coupled with a keen eye for detail!”

This all started a year ago during a pre-season tire test at Sebring. “During the test, Chris (Dyson), Rob (Dyson) and I decided that we needed to update the image of the team in keeping with the upcoming new cars for the 2006 season,” said Peter Dyson. “Rob and Chris pointed us in a direction and we knew that the update would be a complete rebranding and image tie-in with the team sponsors. For a long time, we have wanted a look for the team that was cohesive, consistent and one that would tie the Norcold, Thetford and Dyson Racing images together.

“So with the brilliant design skills of Peter Boutwood, and the ‘sense’ of what worked that Chris and Rob provided, we were off. It was a smooth process, with few dead ends or ‘wild goose chases.’ We have examined and redesigned all of the team gear and the fans will be able to join in on the new look: they will be able to purchase exact versions of the team gear, not replicas but the actual garments on www.dysonracingswag.com by the time of the Sebring race.”

Peter Boutwood raced with Damon Hill in British Formula 3 and he later asked Peter to design his Formula One merchandise. He has also done the car livery for the Jordan F1 team, the MG Rover Le Mans cars and the previous Lolas for Dyson Racing. This is the first time he has done a top to bottom rebranding for a race team. “If this was done in the corporate world, you would have layers of committees and agencies to contend with,” commented Boutwood. “This has been an honor and pleasure both artistically and personally. Initially we started working through a multitude of new corporate color schemes. We decided the new look would follow the recognizable Dyson colors of blue and white but with a new metallic blue on the livery and the introduction of a third color where needed of metallic black. We applied this to the race cars and a completely new ‘super truck’ which is Dyson Racing’s flagship on the public highway.

“Next stage was the logo. This had suffered, as many corporate images have over the years. The idea was to give it a complete redesign but not make it alien to what preceded it. I selected ‘Eurostile’ – an angular font that is clean and reflects a motorsports heritage. The next step was the team clothing. The main criteria were keeping the quality high with comfort and practicality. Too often designers forget that the first point of call when designing clothing is the person who is going to wear it. Peter Dyson consulted with the team members on their requirements before we put pen to paper. For example, as an ex-racing driver, I know the importance of comfort in a race suit. But one of the most uncomfortable elements can be the embroidery. With this in mind, I redesigned the race suits manufactured by Stand 21 with the same amount of branding, but utilizing less stitching.”

Last year, Peter Dyson and Peter Boutwood worked together to design and market the first-ever line of wearables for the fans of Dyson Racing. This year’s project was much more involved, and more satisfying for Peter Dyson. “Working with my brother Rob, and nephew Chris, has brought us all closer together. I remember when Rob and I were kids, we were taking stuff apart and usually getting it back together with only a few parts missing. We hot rodded tractors, did flame jobs, and built go-karts. School, families and work had put some space between those early years and our passions. But those years have evaporated now. This has been such fun. I love my “day job” but this has given me a new appreciation for the intense work that the team goes through to put two cars on the track every race.”

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