Infineon Raceway

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JULY 16, 2005 ­ Sometimes we forget that this is a sport of people. The cars are the stars, the driver gets on TV, and is the focus of attention, but it is team effort that puts you on top. Andy Wallace set a track record in winning the pole today for Sunday`s American Le Mans race at Infineon Raceway. This is Wallace`s third ALMS career pole and the second pole of the year for Dyson Racing. It comes at the venue that was the sight of the first win for the AER-powered Lola two years ago. The Therford/Norcold team made history when they scored the first overall win in ALMS history for a car from the LMP 675 class.

“These achievements come from everybody in the team working together,” observed Andy Wallace. “I have never been on another team as helpful as this. Usually there is a lot of rivalry. On factory teams you cannot share anything because you are ready to get your head chopped off if you are not the quickest every time out. Here, we share all information and help each other out. I am really happy for everybody on the team. This is their achievement.”

The #16 car of Wallace and Chris Dyson was quick off the truck and only small changes were made to it the past two days. The #20 car of Butch Letizinger and James Weaver will start third, three tenths off Wallace`s qualifying pace and 1.3 seconds faster than last year`s pole.

In the post qualifying press conference, Rob Dyson commented, “This team effort underscores how good the guys are and how good they are at working together. Congratulations to Andy ­ he did a terrific job.” Dyson went on to say that, “pay day is tomorrow.” Whereupon Wallace cut in and said, “I have been meaning to talk to you about that governor…”

The race will be broadcast on CBS Sunday from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

You can also keep track of the Dyson team on their newly refreshed

Pos Car# Class Drivers Speed Car Make
1. 20 P1 C.Dyson/A.Wallace 1.21.688 Lola EX257/AER
2. 1 P1 J. Lehto/M.Werner 1:21.761 Audi R8/Audi
3. 16 P1 J.Weaver/B.Leitzinger 1:21.981 Lola EX257/AER
4. 2 P1 E.Pirro/F.Biela 1:22.056 Audi R8
5. 37 P2 C.Field/L.Halliday 1:25.290 Lola B05/40/AER
6. 10 P2 Macaluso/McMurry/J.Bucknum 1:25.863 Courage C6-R/AER
7. 12 P1 M.Lewis/B.Willman 1:27.212 Riely & Scott Mk III
8. 3 GT1 R. Fellows/J.OConnell 1:28.528 Corvette C6-R
9. 4 GT1 O.Gavin/O.Baretta 1:28.607 Corvette C6-R
10. 8 P2 J.Bach/G.Cosmo 1:28.697 Courage C-65
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