Lime Rock: Silver Anniversary

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LAKEVILLE, CT July 11, 2008 – It was a day that blended the old with the new in a nice balance. James Weaver came back today to an American race track for the first time since his retirement, and Rob Dyson drove his 1985 Porsche 962 around the Lime Rock track today in preparation for an iconic parade lap before tomorrow’s Northeast Grand Prix that will feature both the 962 and the current RS Porsche, both in 1985 liveries. A fitting day as Dyson Racing commemorates its 25th anniversary in professional sports car racing this weekend at Lime Rock.

Press room wags noted that Rob Dyson’s two laps in the twenty-three year old Porsche won him the “GTP” pole. In the actual afternoon qualifying session, Marino Franchitti qualified the #20 Porsche RS Spyder sixth, only sixth tenths off pole, and Chris Dyson lines-up tenth in the team’s #16 Thetford/Norcold entry.

“The qualifying session was interrupted by red flags and it was hard to get a rhythm, but we have gotten a good handle on the new track configuration and surface in a short period of time,” recounted Chris Dyson. Noted Franchitti, “I felt we had a third or fourth place qualifier, but with the dirt on the track, I was looking for a clean line rather than the fastest. The one thing I do know from my time in the car this weekend, is how good the Dyson Racing car is in traffic.”

James Weaver drove for twenty of Dyson Racing’s twenty-years in professional racing. When asked what it was like, he noted that “Rob competes for the love and betterment of the sport. Rob is a purist in many ways: he has the wonderful ability to focus on the core and the heart of the matter. He is a very competitive individual and the team very much reflects Rob’s personality, his character and his values. I have never seen him put anyone down, in fact, if you are down, he will always pick you up. He is quite unusual in that respect.”

The American Le Mans Northeast Grand Prix is race is scheduled for 2:05 p.m. ET on Saturday, July 12 at Lime Rock Park. SPEED will televise the race from noon to 3 p.m. ET on Sunday, July 13. XM Satellite Radio will air the event live on XM Sports Nation Channel 144. Additional live coverage from ALMS Radio and IMSA’s Live Timing & Scoring also will be available at

Pos Car# Class Drivers Time Car Make
1. 9 P2 Brabham/Sharp 46.696 Acura ARX
2. 66 P2 de Ferran/Pagenaud 47.082 Acura ARX
3. 6 P2 Maassen/Long 47.177 Porsche RS Spyder
4. 7 P2 Dumas/Bernhard 47.240 Porsche RS Spyder
5. 15 P2 Fernandez/Diaz 47.264 Acura ARX
6. 20 P2 Franchitti/Leitzinger 47.325 Porsche RS Spyder
7. 26 P2 Andretti/Montagny 47.372 Acura ARX
8. 1 P1 Capello/Pirro 47.403 Audi R10
9. 2 P1 Luhr/Werner 47.539 Audi R10
10. 8 P2 Dyson/Smith 47.848 Porsche RS Spyder
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