More Dyson Memories

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Dyson Racing is celebrating its thirtieth year in professional sports car racing this year.

This is the third in a series of memories from Dyson Racing principals looking back on three decades of top-line racing.

Team Manager Michael White is an eighteen-year veteran of the team. He started out cleaning wheels and has worked at most every job on the team including pit set-up, junior mechanic, car chief, data acquisition, gearbox assembly and damper technician. He managed the team’s Atlantic program in 2004 and 2005 and became Team Manager in 2008.

Looking back, do you have a best memory from your years at Dyson Racing?

I have a number, so it would be hard to pick just one! Some of my favorites:

My first 12 Hours of Sebring in 1996 when Rob took a trip through the sand during the race and on his way back to the paddock was imploring us over the radio to “get the vacuum, get the shovels, get the rake!!”

Watching the entire team run toward the Tri-Oval at the start/finish line when we won the 24 Hours of Daytona in 1999. I just stood on the wall and was able to enjoy everyone`s jubilation at once.

Andy Wallace passing the LMP900 Audi R8 in the MG Lola-AER 675 car at the Petit Le Mans in 2002. It showed the potential in that little car.

Beating the Audi Sport Team Joest LMP900 entry with the MG Lola-AER 675 car at Sears Point in 2003, a hard fought race that went right down to the final laps.

Winning the 2011 Championship by staying in the game the entire season.

Funny stories that stand out in your memory?

Watching James Weaver hop out of the 16 car during the 6 hours of the Glen in 1996, run into the 20 car pit, run up the nose of the 20 car, hop in the seat and strap his belts on and leave again in a cloud of tire smoke.

Winning the Mid-Ohio race in 2005 by not taking on tires at the last stop. This was news to Weaver as we sent him down the pit lane for the last stint. We won the race but James was still livid that he did not get new tires!

Some of your best races with the team?

Winning the 24 hours of Daytona in 1999 – being the Car Chief on a car that did not miss a beat.

Lime Rock 2011 – debuting what was essentially a new car and wining out of the box.

And the 1999 12 Hours of Sebring – a hard-fought race between us and BMW Team Schnitzer. At the time, it was the closest finish at Sebring.

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