Quick Exit

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POUGHKEEPSIE, NY, APR. 29 — In the week following the Sun Automotive 200, there has been much speculation as to why Butch Leitzinger bolted from his car after finishing second in the Rolex Series event. Some have suggested that he hustled away to avoid any post-race interviews, and others say that he was out to physically assault an offending backmarker. The more humorous have guessed that it was an emergency trip to the rest- room that prevented Butch from entertaining the press.

These theories may be perfectly plausible, but none come close to the truth. In point of fact, the 31 year-old was in a rush to catch a flight home to Pennsylvania before heading overseas for a test with the Bentley Le Mans program. Leitzinger is scheduled to partner erstwhile Dyson teammates James Weaver and Andy Wallace in this year`s June enduro. Not quite a paddock brawl, but the world of sports car racing remains exciting nonetheless.

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