Road America

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POUGHKEEPSIE, NY August 15, 2006 — After coming off a mid-season competitive run of podium finishes at the last two races at Salt Lake City and Portland, Dyson Racing is looking forward to their annual sojourn to the Kettle Moraine country and the Generac 500 at Road America. One the classic tracks in America, it is a favorite of teams and fans alike.

The Elkhart Lake race also sees the ALMS continuing to fine-tune the performance balancing of their various classes. Doing what is best for the sport, the ALMS is making these adjustments in the spirit of competition to give the fans the best possible racing and provide a venue for participants and sponsors to showcase their ability and technology.

“We were perplexed by Audi Sport’s reaction to the well-intentioned measures the ALMS is taking to improve the quality of racing,” said Chris Dyson, Sporting Director of Dyson Racing, in response to Audi’s recent public threats to leave the series. “We normally wouldn’t respond to such remarks, but since we have been directly addressed by a competitor, we feel it is appropriate to respond.

“We understand the ACO’s need to grant latitude in the rules to encourage an unproven technology, and Audi’s diesel R10 is a technological wonder. There is no question that Audi have produced an amazing machine under the current regulations.

“But when it is proven on the track on multiple occasions that this new technology provides an insurmountable and crushing advantage, then it is no longer racing but rather a demonstration run.

“We were surprised at the stridency of Audi’s reaction. It is the job of a sanctioning body to adjust the rules as needed, and as competitors we abide by their changes. We realize that these adjustments may not create an ideally level playing field, but all that racers look for is a reasonable opportunity to be competitive. In over 20 years of its history with IMSA, Dyson Racing has never shied away from a fair fight and our reputation is founded on taking the fight to the best in the world.

“Audi’s posture is puzzling given the current situation. Our car has been given a weight break, which helps us slightly over a lap. The upcoming increase in LMP1 gasoline-powered fuel tanks by five liters will provide some very small relief, but given diesel’s greater energy per liter properties, in its current guise the Audi R-10 still maintains a disproportionate advantage over gasoline-powered prototypes. Their greater straight line speeds and much better fuel economy have not changed. And that central issue still remains – the absurd disparity between diesel and gasoline fuel economy. And these areas also need to be addressed.

“We applaud the American Le Mans Series’ understanding of the spirit of sports car racing and we hope that their collaborative efforts with the ACO will continue to make the ALMS and Le Mans a place for fair competition. We trust that our competitors will understand the need to work together to foster the growth of our racing series.”

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