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POUGHKEEPSIE, NY March 30, 2006 – It is fitting that the second anniversary is cotton. To celebrate their second year in business, dysonracingswag.com is moving to exclusively sell only authentic team attire. Everything on the site is the team gear worn by the drivers and team personnel.

“We are the only team web site that I am aware of that sells just team gear,” noted Peter Dyson. “This is not about selling inexpensive tee shirts and tchotchkes. We want to reward our loyal fans with the ability to buy everything that that the team wears. They are manufactured in the same factories with the same fabrics, logos and design.

“We have examined and redesigned all of the team gear, and the fan will be able to join in on the new look. We have incorporated the strong look of the Norcold bear and the Thetford ‘star’ with a new logo for the race team. The visual has spread from a simple few items to a complete line up that is very dramatic in its look.”

The re-launching of dysonracingswag.com is part of a complete redesign of the whole corporate image, brand and liveries of Dyson Racing this year. Every visual has been updated: the race cars, transporters, uniforms, pit equipment and the paddock set up. Designed by noted Formula One designer and long time Dyson Racing collaborator, Peter Boutwood, the new look debuted at the first race of the American Le Mans Series, the Twelve Hours of Sebring on March 18. “It is important for the fans of Dyson Racing to be able to feel part of the team,” remarked Boutwood. ”It was decided that supporters will be able to purchase the exact version of the team kit. This allows us to retain the high quality of the garments and give something back to the loyal fans and for them to feel part of the family and an integral and important part of the team.”

Team gear available on dysonracingswag.com includes the team shirt, racing cap, team jacket, racing tee shirt, team bag, the travel polo shirt and the zip fleece jacket.

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